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The complete mobile app for Snakes of India & Snakebite emergency response

The Indiansnakes mobile app is your complete reference guide for snakes and snakebite emergencies.

-> Built in Digital Field Guide : Covers 250+ snakes found in India with images.

-> Locate a hospital in emergency : You can use the app to find the nearest hospital where snakebite can be treated.

-> Find a nearby expert ! : The app can connect you with the nearest snake expert who can help you in a snake emergency

-> Live help: Send images to identify a snake using the app. One of the experts will help you with identification

-> Learn about snake bite : You can access videos, presentations and other materials on snakes and snakebites

-> Report snakes : Whenever you see a snake, you can use the app to send the information to the server and it will map the information on a map. This will help us to map various species of snakes across India

The app is the best mobile app for you if you are searching for an app to learn more about snakes or snakebites in India.

What's New

UI/UX changes to enhance user experience.
A few minor updates to make Indian Snakes an even better to serve.
Bug fixes and performance improvements
Camera Improvements



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