Age of Apes

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Go Ape and conquest Space!

The world of humans has ended; the Age of Apes has begun! Monkeys are at war to launch Rockets into space in search for... bananas! Become part of the strongest Horde, fight other apes and be the first monkey to explore the galaxy!

Glorious gifts await those brave enough to battle in Age of Apes!

- Manage your outpost, build an army, become the most powerful monkey of your Horde and lead them to war in this free MMO strategy game!
- Use great new social tools to cooperate with your Alliance members, share game screenshots and personalize them with cool stickers!
- Watch our in-game TV channel reporting live game news, and covering your own actions!
- Explore a world of fascinating ruins, steal, fight, and strategize to bring your Rocket to victory!
- From defeating White Mutants to stealing precious resources from other Hordes, you can contribute to your monkey Horde in many ways and be the hero of all primates!
- What will your strategy be to win this post-apocalyptic space race?

• Choose to be part of an elite pack of monkeys, in one of the 6 legendary Hordes
• Protect and lead convoys of precious resources to power up your Rocket!
• Fight monkeys from other Hordes and take part in massive PVP wars!
• Make friends with other players of your Alliance!

• Build or hijack convoys of resources from other Hordes
• Develop your outpost to dominate the monkey world
• Create your own army and train the most powerful monkeys!
• Plan to get ahead of the other Hordes in the Rocket race!

• From Roger the Intendant to Junior the terrifying Horde Leader, meet our cast of awesome monkeys
• Explore a post-apocalyptic world full of surprises
• Fight PVE battles against the terrifying White Mutants.
• Travel all around the map, discover ancient Ruins, and huge Bosses!

• Plan strategies with your allies through our new unique social system!
• A picture is worth a thousand words! Take snapshots of the game and personalize them with cool stickers and drawings!
• Become a famous monkey, get many followers, and follow other primates too!
• Watch our in-game TV news channel with real-time coverage of game events, including your own actions!

Are you monkey enough to go bananas, and have fun in this crazy Age of Apes?

NOTE: This game requires an internet connection to play.

What's New

-New Fighter Skills: Brand new skills and functions!
-Daily Tasks: Difficulty and rewards will now vary according to the level of City Hall.
-Research Adjustments: Research Buffs (LAB, Alliance, Rocket Tech) have been adjusted.
-Invitation Event: Invite your friends to Age of Apes within the specified time to get unique rewards!
-Store Adjustment: Two profitable packs are now available! The pack names have been changed, and the DAILY OFFER Fighter will change from Maximus to T.NY!



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