3.8.0 SkittoD
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Get this app to use all the amazing features of your skitto connection.

If you already have the awesome new connection, skitto, then you are at the right place friendo. This app is the sidekick you need for all things skitto. Starting from reloading your balance to helping out friends in need with emergency data to controlling your entire skitto profile, this app makes all the magic happen for skitto. But hey, nobody ever reads an app description for this long so just Get It and let’s get crackin!

What's New

What’s new?

In this release, we have brought you a brand new feature – buy packs directly using your debit/credit cards or MFS accounts using the skitto app. You will find this option in the reload section.

Speaking of the reload section, we have made quite a few changes there too!

-We have revamped the look of the feature
-We have introduced quick reload options for your ease

Finally, as always, we have squashed some pesky bugs for better app experience, so update your app now!



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