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Simplifying and expediting online job search through a social platform.

Hiring real talent and finding peak of your careers jobs has never been easier. JobSquare let’s you discover great companies and talent around you with smart location based search and socially enabled profiles, moving you towards a faster, better hiring and job search.

Looking for that perfect career opportunity can be one of the most daunting experiences of life and with the ambiguity attached to online job search, it’s beyond difficult.

JobSquare differentiates itself from other online job boards by allowing users to take off with just a few clicks and reach thousands of recruiters around them, in real time. All you’ve got to do is login and start scrolling among recruiters available around your location, with one tap, JobSquare allows you to apply for a job and keeps you updated about the status of your application.

Also not to forget, you’re notified on every step of the way to keep your job search as robust and active as you want.

Settling for skill set is no longer an option, definitely not when JobSquare is here.

JobSquare allows you to discover socially enabled profiles of candidates around you and reach out to the ones you like based on their skill set and experience. With just a few clicks, the app allows you to post a job and start hunting for potential candidates. Your job post appears to all candidates listed with JobSquare and within no time, you receive a number of applications from people around you whilst you can also approach eligible candidates yourself. It’s like completing a full circle of talent hunt, isn’t it?

JobSquare saves your time and your big bucks by giving you the most sought after experience of hiring. With video resumes and direct messaging, it allows you to save time by knowing all you need to know about a candidate through a 20 second introduction video and the way they conduct themselves on messaging.

Finding people has never been easier, trust us!

A job slash talent hunt made so easy, that everything is connected and run just by an app for both recruiters and job seekers. Talk about a win- win situation.

JobSquare’s one of the most evolutionary features, Video Resumes, allows candidates to shoot and upload an introduction within seconds from anywhere and leave a stronger than ever impact on an active recruiter.

What’s in it for the recruiter?

Well of course, time spent in screening the candidates and making a decisive choice is cut to half when all a recruiter needs to do is view a 20 second video resume to know whether the candidate is eligible or not.

JobSquare map has jobs and people pinned around you wherever you are, optimising and making your job search easier and localised.

JobSquare and it’s hyper localised search allows you to look for area specific jobs just near your location. Until today you must have only been able to look for jobs in a particular city, but doesn’t the idea of being able to look for jobs wherever you are in real time, sounds perfect?

JobSquare helps the recruiter to bag talents that are just around the corner and available to attend any urgent need at a workplace!

Put those texting skills to better use as JobSquare allows you to connect with recruiters and candidates on the app itself.

You can apply for a job with just one click and start messaging the recruiter when your application is accepted. Nothing helps you get hired more than a decent dialogue with the interviewer, this way JobSquare allows you to communicate and leave a decent impression on the recruiter, followed by getting hired.

As a recruiter you can directly get in touch with as many candidates as you want once you’ve posted a job opening at your company. You’re not restricted to view or reach out to any number of candidates because JobSquare knows how important it is to have options while hiring your best team.


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