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Goaz is a social network that recover the essence of the travels of yesteryear, when you visited a city and asked a friend for advice to go to an interesting place. When we returned from our trip, we were grateful for the recommendation he had made, and that feeling of satisfaction we created in the person who had helped us cannot be compared to a Like.

And that is one of the main characteristics of Goaz: give value to the content you share with your recommendations, above the followers or likes. Therefore, you will not see the followers that other users have, or the likes of their photos. You will feel free to decide if you are interested in what another Goazer shares or not. The pressure of having to follow someone or like him is over because everyone does it.

The Goazers recommend first hand, through postcards or travel guides, the best places to visit, eat or carry out activities, with real and true opinions.

In Goaz you will find travel guides created by other users with similar interests to yours, but you can also create and share your guides (and earn money with them).

In addition, in Goaz we make travel guides for many destinations, so that, if you need to organize a trip, you will always find what you are looking for.

What will you find if you download Goaz?

Do you know how many destinations have you visited? How much have you traveled? With Goaz you will be able to know how many places you´ve visited, how many postcards you have published ... And those that the other users have visited! Compare the percentage of places you've traveled with the rest of Goazers.

Have you ever wondered if what you publish is really interesting for the rest of the community? Have no doubt, the app shows you your level of influence in the community. Thanks to an internal algorithm, Goaz shows you how relevant your publications are to other travelers. That's why we don't show the number of likes of your postcards (although you can see them), because your content is the most important thing.

In your profile you can see all the guides you have created and it will be easier to help other members of the community to organize and plan their trips. With the new activity map you will see very clearly where other Goazers have been or even yourself.

In the Home section you can track the activity of the other users and, in addition, every week you will see the guide of a destination that you can download for free.

Upload your postcards with the best recommendations of places, either with today's date or with the date you visited the place.

Share your travel guides and earn money with them. No one better than someone who has lived a trip to give first-hand recommendations to the rest of Goazers. Your opinion is the most valuable of Goaz, so go ahead and give us the best tips to can relive the great trip you remember. You will earn money with each sale you make from that guide.

This is Goaz, a social network designed for travel lovers and for those who want to take ideas for their next destination or organize the next getaway.

Don't be a tourist, be a Goazer.

What's New

New in Goaz!
-It's over to think that having more followers makes you more important. Your influence is what matters. Only your followers and the people you follow will be visible to you. You will not see this data in other profiles.
-Look at the blue circle that surrounds your profile picture and the data that appears below. Each time someone interacts with your content, the influence will increase.
-When you interact, you will see an animation in its influence. It is because it has increased.


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