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Egg catcher game is an interesting & addictive game.Catch the egg and score more

Egg catcher game is an interesting and addictive egg game. It is a simple game to catch the egg laid by dancing hens.
Egg catcher game is unique in egg games in the way that,
- It has 3 dancing hens which lay eggs from different positions which make the egg catcher game challenging and interesting.
- The player not only catch the egg, but also earn dollar for every egg catching.
- The player gets an opportunity to play Jackpot if they cross certain level and can earn more dollars apart from accumulated dollars at each level.

How to play Egg catcher game?
Three cute dancing hens lay colorful eggs.
Move the basket left/right to catch the egg (or) tap the egg that you want to catch.
If you miss an egg you will lose a life and some dollars, and if you catch a golden egg, you would regain the lost life. The egg game would be over if you miss 3 eggs without catching any golden egg.

Add-ons in Egg catcher game
- Leaderboards from Google Play Games
- Achievements from Google Play Games
- Options to catch eggs and dollars
- Easy User Interface

Have fun with this egg game !

What's New

Added support for Android 6.0
Added hi-res background images



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